Sunday, 23 October 2016

So today is Sunday and my partner is meant to be taking our toddler to the market so I can rest before my 50 hour week at work. Buuut....he is asleep as usual he sleeps more than a fucking hedgehog in winter. So iv had playdoh out, then drawing, then made pancakes while throwing up in the loo. Meanwhile my massive dog wants all the attention aswell, does anyone else ever feel like it would be easier if you could split into 3 people? i think I would be more productive that way. I also hate mess, what the hall am I going to do when baby number 2 comes? Get up and do everything alone everyday? The sickness this time is something else, I didn't find out this early with my first one so I can't remember if this is how I felt? But if I did I don't think I'd do it again! Even though this wasn't planned, neither of them where! This is the aftermath of a holiday to flamingo land and being careless! my first one was the result of endless partying and being careless, sound familiar?  I love my little girl, she is my favourite person on the planet sometimes the only person I really like. she's a ball of fun really but hard work! Just like her father! So I'm 5 weeks and the sickness is rough! !! Can it get worse? 😤

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